Design au bureau #1

Posted on 31 août 2009

In japanese Muji stands for quality products coming at a reasonable price and good design with gorgeous craftmanship. Quite a few years ago while attending a conference at the VIA in Paris, when a participant asked about the link between qualitative design and good branding, I remember that a very well informed Chantal Hamaide(editor in chief of Intramuros magazine) answered that Muji was a specificity of its own since it works with well known designers although it doesn’t promote these collaborations (most customers of Muji do not know the names of the designers who works for Muji, although most professionnals do). Among these you can quote japanese design legends such as Rei Kawakubo for sure as for fashion items and for the furniture range Muji worked with (among others) Jasper Morisson, another wordly acclaimed talent. Everyone knows about the CD player designed by Naoto Fukasawa 10 years ago, which won an IF award and that is still a commercial success. So it can seem quite weird and surprising for the brand that had before that a culture of ‘secret’ as regard to designers to reach the point when it is launching a co-branded furniture line with designer Konstantin Grcic and Thonet. It include a desk, a table, an armchair and a reinterpretation of the ‘landmark’ chair by Thonet which original was designed in 1859. The collection is an on demand production only that can be ordered from your local Muji store or here. The price is a bit expensive in my opinion …

/Par Andrée Fraidérik-Vertino