My name is Smith, Sir Paul Smith

Posted on 8 février 2010

Stockholm International Furniture and Lightning Fair is about to start next week and its annual VIP guest is Sir Paul Smith. As a guest of honour, the british designer is presenting some of his best works and mainly his vision of fashion (retail) design. A wordly acclaimed event, with intelligent links with any branches of the design industry, the 2010 edition of the fair intends to demonstrate the connections between fashion, retail design, commercial architecture, luxury marketing. More than a mere fashion brand Sir Paul Smith and his pairs have developped lifestyle empires. Pictured above the brand’s Melrose Avenue shop in LA, stands itself as a tesmonial and tribute to the designer art of playing with colors. An approach of color that is stamped in the brand’s DNA, and a aspect of its design philosophy that only very few professionnals master.

/Par Andrée Fraiderik-Vertino / Copyrights Sandro Sonado + Paul Smith /image de Une copyright Mathias Walter® pour le livre Alchimies édition Extrême Paris